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Live Wedding Painting in Toronto

Whether you're the loved one of the couple and want to give an unforgettable gift or you want a unique keepsake from your own wedding day, little can match live wedding painting in Toronto from Painted by Shauna. If you want to give this service as an anniversary gift, Shauna can paint from photographs of the wedding day.

A Long-Lost Wedding Tradition

Before photography was readily accessible, weddings and other special events were commemorated through painting. While most couples today opt to document their weddings with photographs and video, paintings offer a unique impression of the special day that you and your family can cherish for years to come.


Shauna's Paintings

Shauna is one of the best wedding painters in the Toronto area. While she takes other painting
commissions, wedding paintings are her specialty. Her love of wedding painting can leave you assured that she will pour her heart into your painted wedding portrait so that you are satisfied with the final product.


Shauna works quickly to leave an impression of your wedding on her canvas, which she then refines in her studio to deliver you a gorgeous finished portrait. Shauna offers a range of canvas sizes for her wedding paintings, and she can work in either acrylic or oil paint. Shauna is also able to shift her style to be more realistic or more impressionistic depending on your taste.


In addition to finding a perfect gift for the couple, when you hire a wedding painter, you provide a form of entertainment for the wedding guests. Adults and children alike will be mesmerized as they watch the scene unfold on Shauna's canvas. Live wedding paintings don't only provide a unique gift but they also provide a unique experience for the wedding guests.


If you are interested in hiring Shauna as your wedding painter, please complete the contact form so she can reach out to you and discuss your ideas.

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