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Live Wedding Painting

Make your day more than a memory.  Immortalize the essence of your event in a piece of fine art.

Shauna is able to capture your wedding in paint, as it happens.  Your guests will experience a piece of art unfold as your day does. 

Not only is live painting a dynamic and entertaining event, but it does something that no other medium can achieve.  It allows the artist to fully capture the atmosphere and essence of your special day.  

Live painting is a specialty service that requires a painter who can make quick decisions, is comfortable with a captivated audience, and can adapt to a changing scene.  

Shauna will paint your event as your guests watch, and at the end of the night an impressionistic likeness of your event will be displayed.  Shauna will take your painting back to the studio and polish the portraiture for a stunning finished piece you will cherish for years to come.


Classic Title

Live Wedding Painting is one of the longest held wedding traditions. Before cameras, wedding painters were the only way to capture an image from the special day.

Weddings have come a long way, and so has wedding painting.  

If you would like to be a part of this rich and storied history on your big day, please contact Shauna to discuss your vision.



I've already had my wedding, can you still paint it?

Absolutely! I offer paintings from photographs in oil and acrylic.  Simply send me a photo (or three) from your big day, and I can paint it in your desired medium and size.

Where are you located?  Will you travel to my wedding?

I am located in Barrie, Ontario.  Travel within 1 hour of Barrie is included in your pricing.  Over 1 hour will be $100, over 2 hours $150, over 3 hours $200.  Over 4 hours may require a flight and hotel stay.  Discounted travel rates may be available to Montreal, Halifax, and Vancouver.

I have a special request.  Will we chat prior to my wedding to go over the specifics.

Yes please!  Your painting is a very personal piece of your wedding, as it will be yours forever! I want you to have the final say on every element.  We will chat a month of so before your wedding to discuss day of logistics, what moment you want captured, and the style you like best.  While I do have a specific style as an artist, I am able to tweak it slightly to suit your tastes (ex.  more realistic, more impressionistic), but ultimately, I want you to choose me because you love my style!

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